Overseas Lubricants oil collection, one of the leading company based in Dubai which provides waste disposal services at all major ports at Dubai, in the field of waste management services like sludge oil discharge, slop discharge, bilge water discharge. Our used oil collection service caters for all types of waste oil including used engine oil, oily water, uses hydraulic oil and shump oil, generator oil, base oil.

Our specialist fleet of hazardous waste vehicles and strict licencing standards of our operators and drivers means we will deliver the highest level of operational safety, quality and compliance. We have the experienced and qualified & technical expert team. We are an authorised transportation, collection and safe disposal, to approved reception facility by Dubai municipality across UAE.

Mission & Vision

Overseas Lubricants focusing in to a green world, where the climate is ensured and cared, with most extreme regard, for the group of people yet to come by the entirety of its occupants. It accepts that the nature isn't something which is to be misused for our financial advantages, yet to be supported and thought about the practical development of every one of its kids. The organization utilizes the best accessible innovation to relieve such a negative effects, on the general public just as on the nature that gets from its operational cycles.